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Gathering in School Hall

QES Camp 50 Happy Birthday

Celebration Day Express - September 22, 2012

School Song

QES School Song

Bring to our song the thankful soul,
The loving thought, the shining dream;
And let us all as one extol
Our general and our several theme.
Our School of royal title
Bring Great gladness to her honouring.
Elizabeth, a queenly name,
Begins the song and so begun.
Fair be our School's advance and fame,
And ever new her glory won,
The Glory of the wise and good
And old truth newly understood.
May knowledge from our works increase,
And serve the world and spread the light;
Be ours to share an active peace,
Among ourselves first learned aright;
And from this School let this be shown,
'Twas mine, but was not mine alone.
Now close the song, and close in full.
Re-echo, "Queen Elizabeth School."

Lyric was written by a famous poet, Professor Edmund Blunden
Melody was written by music teacher Mr Dennis Parker in 1956