Genesis of the School Camp - Special Edition

As you may already read from the book, the piece of ceramic leaf on the front cover was made  by the talented youth under the instruction of our schoolmate Ms Yokky Wong, 83FA, in her workshop, she is a renowned ceramic artist.  We went there several times, as the leaves  (and the vases) had to be dried before we can put on paint. Yokky then touched up the final  pieces before sending the leaves to the oven. She helped us a lot.

The making of the book (interviews, organising articles, even shaping up the drawings on the bottom  of the pages, proofreading) was a memorable journey for us, novice, and the result is extremely  rewarding.  Of course, we have designer (sponsored by our alumni) to work with us.

Bess and Wan are the two major organisers and contributors of the project. We met unfailing  support from our alumni throughout the project. A rough count, there are 86 articles, among  them 20 are interviews! It could not be done without the help from our team of enthusiastic interviewers.

The "near perfect" completion of the warden list was a real quest.  We solicited help from our old wardens and alumni with a span of over 50 years.  The result is this 250 page publication.